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Quotations: Yoani Sánchez

Yoani Sánchez
Yesterday afternoon in Twitter -lately my greatest source of information, carefully read several tweets Yoani Sanchez sent explaining some of the political reasons why she has a dissenting position with those who govern the islands since the late '50s. It seemed relevant
share in Botica to understand the third generation of Cubans who staged the revolution that became effective on July 26, 1956 with the assault on the military barracks Moncada, as their grandparents, and lived the revolutionary government in its heyday as their parents.
That is what explains their tweets Yoani yesterday: how he lived the Generation Y Cuban socialism.

born when the Kremlin's arms around the island and in the stands were their journals in many colors and a few truths. Pioneers of scarf and a left Guevarian, quickly learned that the mask was only protection against being reprimanded. drank the opportunism of our parents and grandparents who doubted irony bearded group descended from the mountains.
saw from friends in waves of migration and one day we set ourselves the raft of disappointment to any party. inoculated We feel that the island belongs to us and is not a prize won by those who recite their exploits ad nauseam.
A laboratory of social experiment, that in which we grew up skeptics young people today have between 25 and 40. With us the ideology of education reached its highest point and Marxism was a compulsory subject.
Many of us were baptized and only wise men knew the stories they told about their grandparents.
Unlike those who lived as a youth fashion Cuban process, for Generation Y was synonymous of date, cheo and boring. Eclecticism has marked us as a rejection of the monochromatic performance that was given to us from previous generations.
Ruled by seventies, we witnessed how the age of energy and I fear we will get too old change. Today, my generation is the main group feeds emigration, prison and suicide. thousands of my contemporaries have had to give their bodies of "new man" in exchange for a bottle of shampoo or a trinket.

blind texts.
Note that the computer filter is in Cuba, Yoani send tweets via SMS and can not read the answers or what gets published. It does so from a cell phone +5352708611 which volunteers from around the world charge you credit for working with the intention of expression.
also publishes posts on the web From Cuba also unable to see the result but with the help of collaborators who are outside of the island.
On their blog posts Generation Y was awarded several times for his journalistic work. In May 2008 he received the award Ortega y Gasset Journalism in the category of digital work. He was also one of the 100 most influential people in the "Heroes and Pioneers" by Time magazine , and his blog was one of the top 25 blogs worldwide, according to Time and CNN. These are just some of the awards that have been awarded recently.

Yoani Sanchez is having, in the distance, a perspective that does not officially shown people who are not happy living in Cuba, he does not believe in revolution and wants to express but not allow it. But also see how these people struggle to make public certain information not only off the island via the Internet but also within the country, handing out copies of posts to be read offline on the principle that Internet calls without the Internet. And it is a palpable group and lives there but did not hear it or let them express. And that is also Cuba. Because living on the foundations of socialism involves more than wearing pants striped shirts with printing on the face of Che Guevara and cross a small bag on his shoulder.

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--------- Source: Information obtained from Twitter profile Yoani Sánchez and page From Cuba.
Photo: Obtained in All United for Venezuela.


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